The Mondul Ottawa Khmer Buddhist Monastery
Buddhist Eight Precepts

In many Buddhist countries, devout Buddhists observe the EIGHT PRECEPTS on Full Moon and New Moon days. They spend 24 hours in the temple from early the morning to break away from this material and sensual world. The idea is to withdraw from our daily life of hustle and bustle to cultivate spiritual development, self training and peace of mind.

1. Abstain from Taking Life.

2. Abstain from Stealing.

3. Abstain from Speaking unnecessary.

4. Abstain from Sexual Activity.

5. Abstain from Taking Intoxicants.

6. Abstain from Taking meals at inappropriate time.

7. Abstain from Entertaining, Dancing, Singing, Use of beauty products & perfumes.

8. Abstain from Seating on high and luxurious chairs and beds.
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