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The Mondul Ottawa Khmer Buddhist Monastery
Watt Bodhikaram, 1197 Deer Park Rd. Ottawa, ON, K2E 6H5

Temple Phone:
(613) 230-6268

Buddhist Monks

                                    Ven.Chheng Oum  Cell: (613) 261-5692
                                  Ven. Saloeurm Savath  Cell: (613) 255-6904

Boad of Director

Mr. Khek La    
Tel: (613) 435-2396
Mr. Rivaux Lay    
Tel: (613) 731-3480
Mr. Sarem Mok    
Tel: (613) 226-7625
Mr. Saroeum Som
Tel: (613) 722-3655
Mr. Ing You         
Tel: (613) 271-1892
M.r Sambath Oeur 
Tel: (613) 823-6205
Mr. Reth Vong:      
Tel: (613) 723-8318
Mr. Vicheth Suon
Tel: (613) 828-1543

Welcome to Bodhikaram Temple of the Mondul Ottawa Khmer Buddhist Monastery, 1197 Deer Park Rd, Ottawa, Ontario, K2E 6H5, Canada Tel: (613) 230-6268, Cell: (613) 261-5692, (613) 255-6904

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Our purpose is to preserve our Khmer culture, and especially to maintain and transmit the Buddha's teachings and our Buddhist heritage to the Khmer people who live in Ottawa and for the people world wide. Bodhikaram temple is open to the young and the old who seek solace in the teachings and worship of the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha. We strive to make our temple the vital place where the older folks can feel at home and meet fellow Khmers. For the younger generation, it is a place to observe and learn about Buddhism and the Khmer culture.