The Mondul Ottawa Khmer Buddhist Monastery
Visakha Puja Ceremony, Buddhist Holy Day
This is the most sacred occasion for the whole Buddhist world. It marks the three important events in the Buddha's life, mamely, his birth, enlightenment, and the Great Demise, which all took place on the fullmoon of the sixth lunar month (Visakha).

The Buddha was born in 623 B.C His father was king Suddhodana, his mother was Queen Maya, and their capital city was Kapilavatthu in the North of India. Before enlightenment the Buddha was known by his personal and clan name as Siddhattha Gotama.

Seven days after Siddhattha's birth, Queen Maya died and the baby prince was thereafter looked after by his foster mother, Pajapati. He was an extraordinary person, extreamely intelligent and compassionate. It was predicted that he would either become a Universal Monarch or a Buddha.

Despite all  the comfort and luxury of a royal household, Prince Siddhattha decided hard at the age of twenty-nine to leave home and family and become a wandering ascetic in search of the Truth. He labored hard for six years, experimenting with all kinds of spiritual practices and meditation. Then, on the fullmoon of the month Visakha, at exactly thiry-five years old, he attained enlightenment and became a Buddha, the Enlightened One.

The Buddha worked hard to spread his teachings and to enlighten people. During the forty-five years of his mission, he was able to establish his religion, which is now known as Buddhism. His followers came from all walks of life; there were kings and princes, traders and peasants, Brahmins and outcastes, the rich and the poor, the influential and the ordinary. His teaching is now one of the major world religions and it was at one time the greatest and the most influential civilizing force in human history.

The Buddha passed away at the ripe age of eighty, again on the fullmoon day of Visakha. He had left us an invaluable legacy - a spiritual heritage - which has benifited the world at large (and still does) through its long existence and wide spread of over 2550 years.

In Cambodia Visakha Puja is celebrated in very much the same as the Magha, but only on a larger scale and with more enthusiasm. In Sri Lanka , a Buddhist country to the south of India, it is the yearly biggest and most festive event. Visakha is, in fact, celebrated in all Buddhist countries and by all Buddhist commemorates the three important events in the Buddha's life mentioned above.
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